NAND Flash 48nm 32Gb TLC Based Emulated NAND Product
 Product Key Features
Superior Reliability
  : 5K E/W (Erase/ Write) endurance cycle and 5 years data retention
Higher Density by TLC (Triple Level Cell) Technology
  : TLC (Triple Level Cell) technology doubles the memory density using current process technologies.
Product Lineup
8GB & 16GB Emulated NAND
  : Now (E/S & C/S)
 Product Description
TLC (triple-level-cell) is a new technology, which stores 3 bits of data in a single cell. TLC realizes 30 percent smaller die size compared to products of like densities using current technologies such as MLC. By storing multiple bits in a single cell, TLC will prolong the life of current process geometries. Finer processing geometries are getting increasingly difficult and costly to implement.
TLC also cuts production cost by an estimated 30% over current technologies.
The 'Emulated NAND' consists of a high density TLC 32Gb NAND and a powerful Flash Controller in a MCP (Multi-chip Package). The DSP (Digital Signal Processor) based controller performs the error correction and checking functions in addition to memory management. Multiple tasks such as erase, program and read are performed simultaneously, thereby significantly improving the overall performance, and delivering similar quality and reliability of MLC but at a much lower cost per bit.
The density can be multiplied to 8 and 16GB by stacking TLC NAND Flash components in a single package.
The prime target market of 'Emulated NAND' is UFD (Universal Flash Drive), but can also be used in other high density storage applications such as PMP (Personal Media Players), uSD Cards and eNAND (Embedded NAND).
The 'Emulated NAND' is packaged in 14X18 LGA with conventional pin configuration to meet the needs of a wide range of applications.
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